Series 4

TV Dinner

What's this?

Our first collaboration with illustrator Krista Perry! An homage to frozen TV dinners of long ago. Packed with tons of extremely silly easter-eggs, this puzzle is both delicious and hilarious from start to finish.

1000 pieces

Random cut — every piece different than the next!

How big?

Completed, TV Dinner is 23.62 x 30.31 inches.
The TV Dinner box is 14.25 x 9 x 2 inches.

What's in the box?

1000 pieces, a reusable resealable bag, bonus double-sided fold-out poster.

The paper pulp used to create all Le Puzz puzzles is earth friendly and harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

The paper pulp used to create all Le Puzz puzzles is earth friendly and harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

Turn on, Tune in, Piece Out

Le Puzz is proud to present our first collection of one jigsaw puzzle by Illustrator Krista Perry. Available for the first time all in one box, this puzzle includes 1000 individual pieces never before seen in one complete collection. This extraordinary puzzle is now available for the low low price of $37.99 that’s a value of over $80 and less than 4 cents per piece! But wait that's not all, order now for an unlimited time you will also receive a bonus fold-out poster and a resealable zip-top bag that you and your family with cherish for generations to come. Don’t wait, and don’t call 1.700.LE.PUZZ.TV to order. Don’t order with your credit card by phone or send your check or money order to 53 Scott Ave Brooklyn, NY. This offer is only available through our website. Terms and conditions may apply must be younger or older than 18 years to order. If you’ve read this far thank you - you truly are a silly goose.

Come for the puzzle but stay for America's Favorite Silly Dog! Available Now For A Short Time!

Calling all puzzle seekers, pizza eaters, patient teachers, book worm readers, shy comedians, hilarious weirdos, ... boy-oh-boy do we have a fun puzzle for you!

Our puzzle die lines are exclusive to Le Puzz and are random cut meaning every piece is different than the next! Detail above of the 1000 pc. die line to give you a sense of the kinds of pieces you might encounter. Our 1000 piece puzzles are extra large and not recommended for tiny tables!

The back of the box features an unconventional TV Guide style interview with illustrator Krista Perry. Features include: Tiny Clown Hands Show & Tell Hour! Come for the tiny hands, stay for the laughs. On Channel 5.