Series 6

Midnight Snack

What's this?

A puzzle for fridge fiends, snack attackers, grub grabbers, cake sneakers, munchie makers, silent sippers, leftover looters, pie slice pickers and tip-toeing tastemakers.

1000 pieces

Random cut — every piece different than the next!

How big?

Completed, Midnight Snack is 23.62 x 30.31 inches.
The Midnight Snack box is 14.25 x 9 x 2 inches.

What's in the box?

1000 pieces, a reusable resealable bag, bonus double-sided fold-out poster.

The paper pulp used to create all Le Puzz puzzles is earth friendly and harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

The paper pulp used to create all Le Puzz puzzles is earth friendly and harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

Midnight Snacks & Midnight Thoughts

Vanilla Ice Cream with cereal on top. • Refrigerator lighting is the best selfie lighting, prop your phone up on a milk carton and set a timer, close the door, open it and give it your best, “I’m just here looking for something that I can’t find” face. • A tortilla + mayo + shredded cheese + one piece of deli meat microwaved for 15 seconds. • If the vegetables came alive during the night and could talk to one another do you think they would be friends with the condiments, drinks and leftovers? • Two to three bowls of cereal eaten standing up over the sink. • Do you keep your condiments in the drawer or in the door? Recently people have been saying that keeping your veggies in the door will help you see them and use them and they won’t wilt away forgotten, of course if you want some ketchup you know where to find it. • A chilled bag of cut green grapes with a whole lime squeezed over the top. • True midnight snackers have honed the skill of stealthily opening a microwave door with only 1 second to go? • A bowl of salted popcorn with a bag (or two) or peanut m&ms tossed in.

Midnight Snack is a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle from Le Puzz, satisfying your late-night puzzle cravings since 2021.

It will be impossible to pull you away from the puzzle table for this one, unless you’re raiding the fridge for a little sweet treat.

Our puzzle die lines are exclusive to Le Puzz and are random cut meaning every piece is different than the next! Detail above of the 1000 pc. die line to give you a sense of the kinds of pieces you might encounter. Our 1000 piece puzzles are extra large and not recommended for tiny tables!

Jordan Sondler is a New York based illustrator, professor and author. She loves to contemplate mortality and the big questions in life, such as “How many New York City men must one date to meet someone emotionally available?” Her clients include The New York Times, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Google, Doc Marten, Nickelodeon, Harper Collins and more.