The quality of the pieces is unmatched ... a delight.

Amy, New York City

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Our puzzle pieces are random cut

Every Piece Different Than The Next!

Bits + Pieces

Tidbits of our favourite things, vision boards, hopes and dreams and BTS.

Our Collaboration with Clay Hickson!

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Nice things the internet has said about us:

"a brand new puzzle company that recalls nostalgia from the 60s, 70s, and 80s" — It's Nice That

"Bold typography, punchy illustrations, witty copy, glowing yellow, and photography that’ll knock your socks off are just a few of the things that make the brand so wildly different from any other puzzle brand we’ve seen." — Print

"Make yourself a Mai Tai and let this vintage-inspired fruit salad scene from Le Puzz transport you to a place where papayas are in season." — Bon Appétit

"Le Puzz offers retro-looking, quirky jigsaw puzzles. Think classic designs like this fruit assortment or a dog wearing sunglasses." — Apartment Therapy

"A Cornucopia of Fruit" — The New Yorker

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