Series 5

The Diner

What's this?

Have you ever wanted to go to an all night diner and order everything on the menu? We did just that. From Meatloaf to Egg Salad and everything in-between this puzzle has it all, with a side of pickles.

1000 pieces

Random cut — every piece different than the next!

How big?

Completed, The puzzle is 23.62 x 30.31 inches. The box is 14.25 x 9 x 2 inches.

What's in the box?

1000 pieces, a reusable resealable bag, bonus double-sided fold-out poster.

The paper pulp used to create all Le Puzz puzzles is earth friendly and harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

The paper pulp used to create all Le Puzz puzzles is earth friendly and harvested from a sustainably managed forest.

Cash Only / Odd Hours / Five Stars

The spread you see before you is a wide selection of food from one of our favorite Diners in Brooklyn, Tom’s Restaurant (not the Seinfeld one) the other one. We give Tom’s 5 stars alongside 615 other reviews but to be fair here are a few other opinions: “the eggs Benedict looked like it had been made at a campsite”, one star; “How can bacon be burnt and raw at the same time? Only the cooks at Tom's know.”, two stars; “Now that weed is legal in New York City, this must explain why people are lining up at the door to this boisterous, chaotic, crazy, grimy joint. They are either stoned, or have the munchies, or both.”, three stars; “Tom's serves up classic diner food so if you are coming in expecting gourmet, killer versions of dishes then DON'T - this isn't what Tom's is about.”, four stars; “Everything you want in a weekend breakfast spot. Crowded and chaotic but that's part of the time. Lots of families it was a Saturday morning. Everything we had was delicious. But I don't need to tell you that based on that thousand plus reviews for Tom’s.”, five stars. What’s your opinion? No actually keep it to yourself! WE LOVE TOMS! Visit Tom's at 782 Washington Ave. Brooklyn, NY.

Disclaimer: No pickles were harmed in the making of this puzzle.

The perfect gift for that special someone who you would stay up all night with at a diner drinking coffee and cracking jokes.

Our puzzle die lines are exclusive to Le Puzz and are random cut meaning every piece is different than the next! Detail above of the 500 pc. die line to give you a sense of the kinds of pieces you might encounter. Our 500 piece puzzles are extra-thick — quite possibly the thickest puzzle pieces on the market to date.

The word search on the back of this box can be completed with a fine tip dry erase marker for easy clean-up and enjoyment again and again.