BTS | Making of Series 1

05.08.21 — Le Puzz World

Where in the world do you start when making an image for a puzzle?! There are endless possibilities which is one of the most exciting things about starting a puzzle company. We knew right off the bat we wanted to showcase a few of our favorite vintage puzzle motifs. We tend to gravitate towards the pet portraits, buffets of food, silly faces and classic character images. Another inspiration of ours that we wanted to incorporate was the iconic Eye Spy books of the 90’s. Walter Wick (the creator of the series) has always been a big inspiration and we wanted to pay a tiny homage to him with our imagery. 

Above: Bucky - ready for his close up!

Above: Behind the scenes of the making of Series 1!

We knew we wanted to use the classic motif of a giant pile of fruit. The combination or colors and textures along with it being a  familiar and universally loved subject matter made for a perfect Puzz. Some say it’s a little erotic, we say get your heads out of the gutter lol geez!! 

The other collection images (OOPS!, Lighten Up & Match Made in Heaven) were born out of real collections our co-founder Alistair owns. She has an obsession with collecting and has several iconic (if she does say so herself) collections of her own. The fake food pieces are mostly from the vintage brand Frozen Moments and are some of her favorite items, you can read more about those in the Frozen Moment blog post. Novelty candles are also a favorite. There are so many new/old silly candles to discover! We just love how random and heart warming they all are. Matchbooks have always been super fun to collect as there are endless cool covers from different places all over the world. When did branded matchbooks stop being so popular?? We say bring them back!

Another classic puzzle motif are portraits of cute animals! Le Puzz loves animals and couldn’t resist the idea of starting with a portrait of a fur baby! We found the most adorable pup and were so excited to capture him in his perfect heart sunglasses. We definitely want to make our pet portrait puzzles a running theme.

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