BTS Twins Photoshoot

29.04.22 — Le Puzz World

We shot 2 sets of identical twins for series 2 coming out in 2022. Here are a few perfect little Behind the Scenes images from our second lifestyle shoot.

Above: Twins are kinda like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly into each other.

Above: A few fun moments from the day

Twins are the best!

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We figured twins were the perfect theme for series 2 coming out in 2022! It also feels like twins are puzzle pieces themselves, fitting perfectly into each other. 

We were lucky enough to get to shoot in our friend Taylor's house. He runs ODD EYE NYC and has all of the best stuff which made for a super fun shoot. We worked with two sets of twins whom we love so much!

Madeleine and Diarra Fall brought all of the energy and positive vibes to set. They radiated sunshine in their bright sweatshirts and had everyone on set laughing constantly. 

Bryce and Brandon Wilner are old friends and are both equally creative and genius. They're not models and did this shoot as a favor but we were so proud and happy with how they came alive in front of a camera.

Twins are the best!

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