BTS Series 4 Photoshoot

16.05.23 — Le Puzz World

A new set of puzzles means a new fun photoshoot! The art direction for this shoot was inspired by an incredible vintage Springbok puzzle from the 70s. Featuring little characters working on, completing and hanging out in the puzzle die-line. Featuring oversized objects and a big dose of silliness we thought this would be the perfect way to introduce our new series of puzzles.

Above: On set selects!

Above: Art direction inspired by this 1975 Springbok crossword puzzle box.

The final result is fun, cute, creative and RANDOM!

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Photoshoot days are some of our favorite days. They're the amalgamation of months of hard work and preparation making new puzzles and then a burst of energy and creativity as we launch them into the world. We love coming up with fun and creative ways to showcase our new puzzles and casting people who represent the energy of the brand. In short, a bunch of cuties being cute. :)

As we mentioned before, the art direction for this was inspired by a 1975 vintage puzzle box by Springbok. We have an affinity for objects both oversized and shrunken and loved the little people completing the crossword with giant pencils. The larger than life feeling of the puzzle is so satisfying. We're constantly inspired by vintage puzzle ephemera and love incorporating it into our brand imagery. 

For this photoshoot we shot everyone on a white seamless doing different poses popping out of the puzzle. We gave everyone giant silly props to pose with and let them get goofy. Separately we photographed our puzzle die-line with missing pieces on a classic Le Puzz yellow backdrop that we used to edit our little people into in post. The final result is fun, cute, creative and RANDOM!

The Cutie Cast listed by color below:

Lime Green: Haydee Rosario

Butter Yellow: Chloe Seibert

Light Pink: Aja Grant

Chartreuse: Geo Kester

Cerulean Blue: Emma Levesque-Schaefer

Orange: Omar Grant

Red: Monet Maxwell

Pink: Isabel Ebeid

Olive Green: Edward Cabral

Light Purple: Lupe Wright

Coral: Dylan Evans

Forest Green: Emma Zaks

Bright Blue: Grace Edwards

Purple: Michael Hunter

Orange: Alistair Matthews

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